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The South Coast Interfaith Council (SCIC) is the oldest and largest interfaith council in Southern California serving 35 cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. In 1953, the council was first established as an ecumenical council – meaning that it was an organization comprised of only churches representing the various denominations of the Christian faith. But in 2004, with a historical vote made by the community, the council changed from an ecumenical one to an interfaith council. Today we have over 150 member faith communities and 1700 individual members.


A 21 member Board of Directors representing the diversity of faiths and cultures in Southern California governs the organization. We continue
to pride ourselves today in creating communities of compassion among people of different faiths and cultures through service, education and celebration!


It is the Mission of the South Coast Interfaith Council to promote mutual understanding, respect, appreciation and cooperation among people of faith in the Greater South Bay-
Harbor-Long Beach-West Orange County area by extending hospitality, fostering community, offering educational opportunities, providing moral leadership, sharing in service, serving the youth and working for justice.

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