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The South Coast Interfaith Council (SCIC) is a small, yet dynamic, grass root non-profit organization with a lofty mission of helping establish a world that is defined by peace, respect and compassion.


Every year the number of individuals attending our array of programs increase more and more as we offer 95% of our programs free of charge to the community. However, during these challenging economic times, meeting our yearly budget has been difficult. This is truly your opportunity to be a part of something spectacular – to help support not just an organization, but truly a cause.


It is the SCIC’s belief that peaceful co-existence is absolutely non-negotiable in the world that we live in today and that the dignity of every human being must be cherished and respected. We pride ourselves in doing our part to help create a world that is defined by peace, love and compassion towards one another and we hope that you will please join us in supporting our mission with your kindness.

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