The SCIC is the oldest and largest interfaith council in Southern California. In 1953 the council was first established as an ecumenical council – meaning that it was an organization comprised of only churches representing the various denominations of the Christian faith. But in 2004, with a historical vote made by the community, the council changed from ecumenical one to an interfaith council. The SCIC now has an association of more than 140 faith communities and organizations, encompassing over 35 cities and serving approximately 1.8 million people.

We continue, today, to pride ourselves in creating communities of compassion among people of different faith and cultures. Continue Reading

April 2018
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South Coast Interfaith Council

759 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813
Phone: (562) 983-1665

Email: info@scinterfaith.org
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm

SCIC Members


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African Methodist Episcopal (AME)
New Philadelphia AME
19100 Susana Rd
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221
Ph: 310-537-8777
Bishop John R. Bryant

Baha’i Faith
Baha’i Faith Community of Lakewood
PO Box 241
Lakewood, CA 90714
Ph: 562-425-4676

Baha’i Faith Community of Long Beach
PO Box 4150
Long Beach, CA 90804
Ph: 562-496-2823

Baha’i Faith Community of Manhattan Beach
PO Box 3773
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Ph: 310-372-5501 Fax: 310-470-5668

Baptist – American Baptist Churches in the U.S. A.
Golgatha Trinity Baptist
1630 E. 14th St
Long Beach CA 90813
Ph: 562-599-3696

New Liberty Baptist
2091 Lewis Ave
Long Beach CA 90806
Ph: 562-599-3331
Rev. Eddie Patterson

Bramha Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris
302 16th St.
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Ph: 562-430-4711 Fax: 562-430-9754
Sr. Diane

20300 Vermont Ave Suite 105
Torrance, CA 90502
Ph: 310-856-4280

Catholic – American
Good Shepherd American Catholic
5230 Clark #9
Lakewood CA 90712
Ph: 562-920-2212 Fax: 562-920-9879
Bishop E. Paul Raible

Holy Trinity Ecumenical Catholic
3908 Woodruff Ave
Long Beach, CA 90808
Rev. Armando Leyva

Catholic – Roman
Holy Trinity Catholic
209 N. Hanford Ave
San Pedro CA 90732
Ph: 310-548-6535 Fax: 310-833-1134
Rev. Sebastian Vettickal

Mary Star of the Sea
870 W. 8th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
Ph: 310-833-3541
Fr. John Provenza

Our Lady of Refuge Catholic
5195 Stearns St
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-498-6641 Fax: 562-498-3344
Rev. Fr. Maurice Harrigan

St. Anthony’s Catholic
540 Olive Ave
Long Beach CA 90802
Ph: 562-590-9229 Fax: 562-590-9048
Fr. Jose Magana
Fr. Jose Magana

St. Athanasius Catholic
5390 Linden Ave
Long Beach CA 90805
Ph: 562-423-7986 Fax: 562-422-0306
Father Francis Ilano

St. Bartholomew Catholic
5143 Livingston Dr
Long Beach CA 90803
Ph: 562-438-3826
Msgr. Bernard Leheny

St. Cornelius Catholic
5500 E. Wardlow Rd
Long Beach, CA 90815
Ph: 562-421-8966
Rev. Michael Gleeson
Rev. Patrick Sheary

St. Cyprian’s Catholic
4714 Clark Ave
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-421-9487 Fax: 562-496-1024
Rev. Jason Souza

St. James Catholic
124 North Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Ph: 310-372-5228
Rev. James Kavanagh

St. John Fisher Catholic
5400 Crest Rd
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Ph: 310-377-5571 Fax: 310-377-6303
Rev. Msgr. David Sork

St. Joseph’s Catholic
6220 Willow St
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-594-4657 Fax: 562-431-7424
Rev. James Halley, V.F.

St. Lucy’s Catholic
2344 Cota
Long Beach CA 90810
Ph: 562-424-9051 Fax: 562-988-0367
Rev. Michael Roebert

St. Margaret Mary Catholic
25511 Eshelman Ave
Lomita CA 90717
Ph: 310-326-3364 Fax: 310-539-1570
Fr. Paul O’Donnell
Fr. Juan Silva
Fr. John Palmer
Deacon Cheto Mendoza
Deacon Craig Siegman
Deacon Rick Soria
Deacon Daniel Wallace

St. Maria Goretti Catholic
3954 Palo Verde Ave
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-425-7459 Fax: 562-421-0475
Rev. John Schiavone

St. Matthew’s Catholic
672 Temple
Long Beach CA 90814
Ph: 562-439-0931 Fax: 562-434-7621
Rev. Guillermo Rodriguez

St. Philomena Catholic Church
21900 S. Main St.
Carson, CA 90745
Ph: 310-835-7161 Fax: 310-835-7162
Rev. Albert H. Avenido
Rev. Falaniko Atonio, Assoc. Pastor
Rev. Hugo Neyra, Assoc. Pastor
Rev. Antonio Yllana, Assoc. Pastor

Christian Church Disciples of Christ
Bixby Knolls Christian Church
1240 E. Carson St.
Long Beach, CA 90807
Ph: 562-426-0428 Fax: 562-426-0429
Rev. Danny Bradfield

First Christian Torrance
2930 W. El Dorado St
Torrance CA 90503
Ph: 310-328-2820
Rev. Steve Fietz

North Long Beach Christian
1115 E. Market
Long Beach CA 90805
Ph: 562-422-5833 Fax: 562-422-8679

Palo Verde Avenue Christian
2501 Palos Verde Ave
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-430-2286
Rev. Carlos Piar

South Bay Christian Church
128 N. Broadway
Redondo Beach CA 90277
Ph: 310-376-8862
Rev. Katherine Pershey

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Curry Temple
322 W. Rosecrans
Compton, CA 90220
Rev. James Raymond

Church of Christ, Scientist
First Church of Christ, Scientist
1130 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Ph: 310-546-1695
Peggy Bartlett, Clerk

First Church of Christ, Scientist
PO Box 901
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274
Ph: 310-375-7914
Helen O’Lone, Clerk

Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist
5871 Naples Plaza
Long Beach, CA 90803
Ph: 562-434-0669
Wynne Wilson, Clerk

Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist
3401 Studebaker Rd
Long Beach, CA 90808
Ph: 562-8425 Fax: 562-596-9062

Church of God in Christ
Gospel Memorial COGIC
1480 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach CA 90813
Ph: 562-599-7389 Fax: 562-591-2164
Rev. Joe Ealy

Greater Open Door COGIC
132 E. Artesia
Long Beach CA 90805
Ph: 562-423-8653 Fax: 562-422-7826
Rev. Dr. Garon Harden
Betty Harden

Lily of the Valley COGIC
PO Box 9651
Long Beach CA 90810
Ph: 562-426-9669 Fax: 562-981-8460
Rev. James Shaw

Community Church
Lakewood Village Community Church
4919 Centralia St
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-425-7411 Fax: 562-429-6122
Rev. Richard Irving

Episcopal Church

St. Andrews Episcopal
1432 Engracia
Torrance CA 90501
Ph: 310-328-3781 Fax: 310-328-3716

St. Cross by the Sea Episcopal
1818 Montery Blvd.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Ph: 310-376-8989
Rev. Rachel Nyback

St. Francis Episcopal
PO Box 772
Palos Verdes Estates CA 90274
Ph: 310-375-4617 Fax: 310-791-2740
Rev. Sarah Hubinksy
Rev. Paula Vukmanic

St. Gregory’s Episcopal
6201 Willow St
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-420-1311 Fax: 562-420-1312
Rev. Stephen Williams

St. Luke’s Episcopal
PO Box 20038
Long Beach CA 90801
Ph: 562-436-4047 Fax: 562-436-2454
Rev. Gary Commins

St. Peter’s Episcopal
1648 W. 9th St.
San Pedro CA 90732
Ph: 310-831-2361 Fax: 310-831-8643
E-mail: church@stpeterssanpedro.org
Rev. Jeanette Repp

Marloma Friends
3275 Karen Ave
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-420-1155
Bobbi Kendig

Greek Orthodox

Assumption Greek Orthodox
5761 E. Colorado
Long Beach CA 90803
Ph: 562-494-8929 Fax: 562-985-1379
Fr. John Roll

Vedanta International Cultural Center
P.O. Box 7000-15
Redondo Beach CA 90277

Islamic Center of Long Beach
2006 #C Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach CA 90806
Ph: 562-989-8100
Imam Takek Mohamed

Islamic Center of Hawthorne
12209 Hawthorne Way
Hawthorne CA 90250
Ph: 310-973-8000 Fax: 310-978-4036
Imam Hamdy Sadek
Imam Ammar Kahf
Ahmend Azam

Islamic Center of the South Bay
25815 Walnut St
Lomita CA 90717
Ph: 310-534-1363 Fax: 310-534-0675

Masjid Al-Shareef
P.O. Box 267
Long Beach CA 90801
Ph: 562-591-5320
Imam Ameen Omar

Congregation Shir Cadash
6440 Del Amo Blvd
Lakewood, CA 90713
Ph: 562-429-0715
Rabbi Howard Laibson

Congregation Ner Tamid
5721 Crestridge Rd
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Ph: 310-377-6986 Fax: 310-541-1370
Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei

Cantor Marla Barugel

Congregation Tikvat Jacob
1829 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach CA 90266
Ph: 310-546-3667Fax: 310-546-7302
Rabbi Mark Hyman

P’nai Of Long Beach
PO Box 8114
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-364-5154
Rabbi Micha’el Akiba

Temple Beth El
1435 W. 7th St
San Pedro CA 90732
Ph: 310-833-2467 Fax: 310-833-6504
Rabbi Charles Briskin
Cantor Ilan Davidson

Temple Beth Shalom
3635 Elm Ave
Long Beach CA 90807
Ph: 562-426-6413 Fax: 562-426-7824
Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Temple Israel
3538 E Third St
Long Beach CA 90814
Ph: 562-434-0996 Fax: 562-434-0252
Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
Cantor Marvin Finnley

Temple Menorah
1101 Camino Real
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Ph: 310-316-8444 Fax: 310-540-7677
Rabbi Steven Silver

Lutheran – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Christ Lutheran
6500 Stearns
Long Beach, CA 90815
Ph: 562-598-2433 Fax: 562-598-2435
Rev. Jim Bessey

First Lutheran Carson
19707 Central Ave
Carson CA 90746
Ph: 310-631-6189 Fax: 310-537-3000

First Lutheran Torrance
2900 Carson St
Torrance CA 90503
Ph: 310-320-9920 Fax: 310-320-9920
Rev. Floyd Lawson
Rev. William Hurst

Gloria Dei Lutheran
5872 Naples Plaza
Long Beach CA 90803
Ph: 562-438-0929
Rev. Steve Beckham

Good Shepherd Lutheran
1350 W. 25th St
San Pedro CA 90732
Ph: 310-833-3336 Fax: 310-833-3216
Pastor Christopher Lindstrom

Our Saviours Lutheran
370 Junipero Ave
Long Beach CA 90814
Ph: 562 434-7409 Fax: 562-434-5725
E-mail: Pastor
Rev. Hartley Lee
Rev. Jim Proper

Redeemer Lutheran
13564 St. Andrews Dr
Seal Beach CA 90740
Ph: 562-598-8698Fax: 562-598-8698
Rev. Gilbert Moore

St. Luke’s Lutheran
5633 E. Wardlow Rd
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-429-5967 Fax: 562-429-2052
Rev.Garry Mohr

St. Paul’s Lutheran
31290 Palos Verdes Dr. W
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Ph: 310-377-6806 Fax: 310-377-6807
E-mail:Office at St. Paul’s
Rev. Jon Gathje

St. Timothy’s Lutheran
4645 Woodruff Ave
Lakewood CA 90713
Ph: 562-421-8441 Fax: 562-420-2592
Rev. Will Hazard
Rev. Laurie Arroyo

Trinity Lutheran Church
759 Linden Ave
Long Beach CA 90813
Ph: 562-437-4002 Fax: 562-436-7832
Rev. Don Koepke

Trinity Lutheran Church
1340 11th St.
Manhattan Beach CA 90266
Ph: 310-374-4380
Rev. Luther Martell

Holy Spirit Fellowship
1115 E. Market St
Long Beach CA 90805
Ph: 562-428-5037
Rev. Eric Buter

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Covenant Presbyterian
607 E. Third St
Long Beach CA 90802
Ph: 562-437-0958 Fax: 562-495-0798
E-mail: church@covenantlb.org
Dr. Robert Langworthy
Rev. Adele Langworthy
Rev. Tony Lugo

First Presbyterian Gardena
1957 Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena CA 90247
Ph: 310-329-6381
Rev. Donna Lee Merz

First Presbyterian San Pedro
731 S. Averill Ave
San Pedro CA 90732
Ph: 310-832-7597
Rev. Neal Neuenschwander

Grace First Presbyterian
3955 Studebaker Rd
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-420-3393 Fax: 562-420-6414
Rev. Marion Young-Me Park
Rev. Gerald Arata

St. Luke’s Presbyterian
26825 Rolling Hills Rd.
Rolling Hills Estates CA 90274
Ph: 310-377-2825 Fax: 310-377-3191
Rev. Laura Krauss
Dr. Sunny Kang

St. Mark’s Presbyterian
24027 Pennsylvania
Lomita CA 90717
Ph: 310-326-4086 Fax: 310-326-4617
Rev. Michael Mudgett

St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian
6410 Palos Verdes Dr. S.
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Ph: 310-377-6882 Fax: 310-541-5492
Rev. Paul Barrett
Rev. Barbara Buck
Rev. Dr. Chuck Hunt

Religious Science

Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living
907 Knob Hill Ave
Redondo Beach CA 90277
Ph: 310-540-5080 Fax: 310-540-6466
Rev. Dr. Moira Foxe

Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living
500 Marina Dr
Seal BeachCA90740
Ph: 562-598-3325Fax: 562-596-2575
Rev. Peggy Price

Namaste’ Science of Mind and Spirit Center
3229 E. Spring St. #300
Long Beach CA 90806
Ph: 562-424-4432
Rev. Kristin Hawkins


Sikh Center of Orange County
2530 W Warner Ave
Santa Ana CA 92704
Ph: 714-979-9604

Swedenborgian Church

Wayfarers Chapel
5755 Palos Verdes Dr. S
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Ph: 310-377-1650 Fax: 310-377-8589
Rev. Dr. Johathan Mitchell
Rev. David Brown
Rev. Harvey Tafel

Unitarian Universalist

Long Beach Unitarian Universalist
5450 Atherton St
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-597-8445
E-mail: Mitra Rahnema

Pacific Unitarian
5621 Montemalaga Dr
Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Ph: 310-378-9449Fax: 310-378-1508
Rev. John Morehouse

United Church of Christ

Bay Shore Community
5100 The Toledo
Long Beach CA 90803
Ph: 562-433-0401 Fax: 562-433-5078
Rev. Charles Ensley

Community Congregational Los Alamitos
4111 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos CA 90720
Ph: 562-425-4139; 714-2343 Fax: 714-827-6422

Cross Roads UCC
5420 Clark Ave
Lakewood CA 90712
Ph: 562-866-5416
Rev. Kit Wilke

First Congregational
241 Cedar Ave
Long Beach CA 90802
Ph: 562-436-2256 Fax: 562-436-3018
Rev. Elena Larssen
Rev. John Forrest Douglas

Immanuel – A Center for Conscious Living
3215 E. Third St.
Long Beach, CA 90814
Ph: 562-438-2931 Fax: 562-439-6294

Los Altos UCC
5550 Atherton
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-596-6718 Fax: 562-596-5228
Rev Dr. Paul Lance

Neighborhood Church
415 Paseo del Mar
Palos Verdes Estates CA 90274
Ph: 310-378-9353 Fax: 310-373-5554
Rev. Karl Johnson
Rev. George Baum

Seaside Community UCC
22940 Ocean Ave
Torrance CA 90505
Ph: 310-375-4441
Rev. David Sigmund

Second Samoan Congregational UCC
655 Cedar Ave
Long Beach CA 90802
Ph: 562-628-9282 x 114; Fax: 562-628-9143
Rev. Misipouena Tagaloa, Ph.D.

Woodruff Community
3908 Woodruff Ave
Long Beach CA 90808
Ph: 562-425-0034
Rev. Kit Wilke

United Methodist Church
Belmont Heights UMC
317 Termino Ave
Long Beach CA 90814
Ph: 562-439-6804 Fax: 562-438-3506
Rev. Cheryl Kelly

California Heights UMC
3759 Orange Ave
Long Beach CA 90807
Ph: 562-595-1996 Fax: 562-424-8232
Rev. Amy Aitken

Dominguez UMC
21503 Prospect Ave
Long Beach CA 90810
Ph: 310-835-0137 Fax: 310-835-0138
Rev. Paula Haeane

First UMC Bellflower
14525 Bellflower Blvd
Bellflower CA 90706
Ph: 562-866-2551 Fax: 562-886-2097
Rev. Ted Hampton

First UMC Compton
1025 S. Long Beach Blvd
Compton CA 90221
Ph: 310-639-0775
Rev. Cherrye Cunningan

First UMC Lakewood
4300 Bellflower Blvd
Lakewood CA 90713
Ph: 562-425-1219
Rev. Dr. Ken Walden

First UMC Seal Beach
148 10th St
Seal Beach CA 90740
Ph: 562-431-0494
Rev. Tia Wildermuth

First UMC Torrance
1551 El Prado Ave
Torrance CA 90501
Ph: 310-328-3242 Fax: 310-328-1302
Rev. Bob Isip

Grace UMC Church
2325 E. Third St
Long Beach CA 90814
Ph: 562-433-7401;
Rev. Nestor Gerente

Hawthorne UMC
4754 W. 120th St
Hawthorne CA 90250
Ph: 310-675-2897 Fax: 310-675-5063
Rev. Teresa Santillana

Hope UMC
3405 W. Artesia Blvd
Torrance CA 90504
Ph: 310-323-1017
Rev. Erica Gara

Leisure World Community
14000 Church Place
Seal Beach CA 90740
Ph: 562-431-2503
Rev. James Oliver

Los Altos UMC
5950 E. Willow St
Long Beach CA 90815
Ph: 562-598-2451 Fax: 562-596-2843
Rev. Jerry Larsen

Riviera UMC
375 Palos Verdes Blvd
Redondo Beach CA 90277
Ph: 310-378-9273 Fax: 310-378-2973
Rev. Mark Sturgess

Rolling Hills UMC
26438 Crenshaw Blvd
Rolling Hills Estates CA 90274
Ph: 310-377-6771 Fax: 310-544-4123
Rev. Jonathan Chute

San Pedro UMC
580 W. 6th St
San Pedro CA 90731
Ph: 310-548-1001 Fax: 310-548-4289
Rev. Eric Scott

The Neighborhood UMC
507 Pacific Ave
Long Beach CA 90802
Ph: 562-437-1289
Rev. Sandy Olewin

Trinity UMC
5730 E. South St
Lakewood CA 90713
Ph: 562-867-9892
Rev. Lisa Gay Santiago

United with Hope UMC
5600 Linden Long Beach CA 90805
Ph: 562-422-1635
Rev. Amelia Finau

Walteria UMC
3646 Newton St
Torrance CA 90505
Ph: 310-375-0622

Wayside UMC
25904 Cayuga Ave
Lomita CA 90717
Ph: 310-326-4541 Fax: 310-326-5676
Rev. Moonyoung Lee


Unity Long Beach
935 E. Broadway
Long BeachCA90802
Ph: 562- 436-8879
Rev. Clarice Duke


Christian Outreach Appeal
PO Box 2490
Long Beach CA 90801
Ph: 562-432-1440 Fax: 562-590-0984
Jean Pacini

Klein Chaplaincy Service of the South Bay
1101 Camino Real
Redondo Beach CA 90277
Ph: 310-921-2187 Fax: 310-921-2183
Gila Katz, Ex. Director

LB Memorial Medical Center Chaplaincy
PO Box 1428
Long Beach CA 90801
Ph: 562-933-1450 Fax: 562-424-4955
Rev. Sheryl Faulk

444 W. Ocean Blvd. #940
Long Beach, CA 90802
Ph: 562-435-8184 fax: 562-435-8318
Margaux Kohut